Workshops & Training


I facilitate workshops and presentations within Businesses, Charities and Community groups; offering training in Wellbeing within the Workplace, Self Care and Stress Management, Youth-Centred Workshops around Gangs, Budgeting and Life Skills, Self Esteem, Relationships and Domestic Violence.

Below is a short description of the workshop contents:

Wellbeing within the Workplace

Highly-effective teams, demanding roles, and pressure to meet and exceed the expectations of clients and customers leaves managers and employees sometimes putting their own personal needs and well-being on the back burner. This can cause burnout, family and relationship issues, work-related stress and depression.

I work with organisations and companies to present workshops that lower the risks of employee sickness and stress, and instead promote work-life balance and personal effectiveness.  This is delivered througha package that offers several combined or stand-alone workshops and presentations on self-care, effective working-patterns, and stress management.

The issues addressed include:

Well-Being at Work – Signs of stress and stress management

Effective Relaxation – Relaxation Techniques and Guided Meditation Sessions

Effectiveness at work – Self-Awareness and Team Building Activities

Self Development – Controlling Behaviour Patterns and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Psychology of Business and Personality Models; Finding your personality type and using it towards your success.

Well-Being at Work can take place over a one-day training event or over a course of weekly/monthly/quarterly day presentations to future promote and maintain your teams well-being and personal effectiveness.


Self Care and Stress Management

The workshop walks participants through the values and application of personal boundaries, empowering thinking methods, the key areas of wellbeing and health, stress reduction and relaxation techniques, and the starting process of inner-child work and reconnection.

Each workshop is group led and can be tailored to focus on the Organisation and/or Groups needs and requirements.


Youth Workshops

Self Care Workshop at The Youth Caterpillar Project Launch


Life Skills and Budgeting Workshops

The Civil Rights Movement and the formation of Gangs discussion and presentation

Parenting Workshops; looking at Child Development and Parenting Support.

Healthy Relationships, Boundaries, and Self-Care



Fees are depend on the size of each group and requirements.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements on any one of the telephone numbers above, or at