Self Care and Self Love; The Joys of Dating yourself

What would your ideal date be?

How would you be treated?

What would your date do?

How would they feel about you and what would they tell you?

Mmmmm that sounds lovely doesn’t it! So tell me, have you considered ‘Dating’ yourself? Even if for just one day per week? I tried it out… It was heavenly!




I woke up early on Saturday morning and felt a sense of needing to re-energize and re-introduce myself to the me that was beginning to get lost within paperwork, deadlines, others needs and work commitments.  I walked over to the mirror and began studying my face, my hands, my eyes, my feet, my mouth, my whole body… and I thought about just how unique and precious I am… well this is what dates had continuously told me in the past! But why was I not cutting out the middleman and telling myself this?

So I began preparing myself for a date! Now this was going to be the heavy weight of all dates… the date was going to be for the whole day and I was going to wrap myself up and bathe my date in love and attention! So I went about doing my hair, getting a manicure and pedicure, and finding something figure hugging to please my date. I brought fresh foods and fruit to prepare my lovely and deserving date a healthy breakfast – lunch and dinner… and breakfast again! *wink*. I even went swimming first thing in the morning to relax my body and mind, just for my date!

I made sure the house smelled of my date’s favorite essential oils and the melodies of our favorite songs filled the room, just to set the mood.  I then allowed my date to use the expensive oils and creams that I sometimes ‘save’ for a special occasion or display in the bathroom for guests to ‘see’.  Note I said ‘see’ and not ‘use’ (smile) and I lovingly rubbed and smoothed the oils into my oh so beautiful dates skin, hair, and even nails! Loving them from their hair follicle down to the soles of their feet!

Beautiful! I sat there thinking… “wow, I really do love you!” … and then I smiled and turned to see myself in the mirror… and kissed it!…  I’m looking forward to our next date!.. Yes, this was a date with the most important person in my world! It was a date with myself!

I’m going to have at least one day per week were I spend the day dating myself, and I highly recommend it for YOU too 😉 How can we ask a date to treat us when we don’t even dedicate and treat ourselves? I don’t mean every now and then… I mean a specific dedicated day, hour or even week where we are our main focus. A day or hour where we DO NOT accept calls or messages, DO NOT reply to facebook posts or unexpected visitors, only do what benefits our own wellbeing, and concentrates solely on our needs!.

So start dating yourself and begin by setting the mood by sending your self a little text message… Here’s mine:

“Im up early preparing for my date! It’s a whole day! So I’m doing my hair, getting a manicure & pedicure & finding something figure hugging to please you and only you 😉 I’m going to prepare you a healthy breakfast – lunch & dinner… & breakfast again! *wink*. I’m even goin swimmin now to relax my body & mind for you! I’m going to make sure the house is smelling of your fav essential oils, then I’m pulling out your favorite 80’s & 90’s beats 2set the mood… I Love You 😉


Have fun!




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