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Transform ‘knowing of’ to actually ‘knowing’

How many people do you know that keep on ‘telling you’ how long they ‘think’ they have known you for? You know, the person you attended school, college, football or dance with… like 20 something years ago. You briefly kept in contact; the odd chance meeting on the street, the exchanging of numbers; the random […]

A Cookie Jar of our Accomplishments

We can write our achievements on a CV and tell family and friends, but how many of us actually sit with the feeling of our achievement, I mean really sit back and tell ourselves just how well we’ve done and how far we’ve come? There’s a Caribbean saying… “Self praise is no praise” well how […]

Creating a Cookie Jar of Dates

Yes, it’s easy to say ‘date yourself’ ‘treat yourself’ but where/how do you begin??? Well are there somethings that you’ve always wanted to do? Something’s that you know you need to do or want to do from time-to-time? This is the starting point! Now this is where the arts and crafts begins 😉 Why not […]