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The Five Principles of Reiki that lead to peace

Today I am remembering The Five Reiki Principles while practicing some deep breathing… Today WILL be a positive and blessed day, because I will make it one. I) Just for today, I will not be angry. Anger at others, ourselves, or at the world, creates blockages within our energy, and releases harmful chemicals within our […]

Truly Valuing Ourselves… it’s time to rebalance Life’s Cheque Book

When you truly begin to value yourself; your person, time, energy, space and life, you no longer entertain the circumstances, things and people who undervalue it. Balance your life’s cheque book and start minimising losses; increasing profit. May today be the day that your value increases. Have a blessed and productive day guys; one that […]

A Cookie Jar of our Accomplishments

We can write our achievements on a CV and tell family and friends, but how many of us actually sit with the feeling of our achievement, I mean really sit back and tell ourselves just how well we’ve done and how far we’ve come? There’s a Caribbean saying… “Self praise is no praise” well how […]

Creating a Cookie Jar of Dates

Yes, it’s easy to say ‘date yourself’ ‘treat yourself’ but where/how do you begin??? Well are there somethings that you’ve always wanted to do? Something’s that you know you need to do or want to do from time-to-time? This is the starting point! Now this is where the arts and crafts begins 😉 Why not […]

Self Care and Self Love; The Joys of Dating yourself

What would your ideal date be? How would you be treated? What would your date do? How would they feel about you and what would they tell you? Mmmmm that sounds lovely doesn’t it! So tell me, have you considered ‘Dating’ yourself? Even if for just one day per week? I tried it out… It […]