Creating a Cookie Jar of Dates

Yes, it’s easy to say ‘date yourself’ ‘treat yourself’ but where/how do you begin???

Well are there somethings that you’ve always wanted to do? Something’s that you know you need to do or want to do from time-to-time? This is the starting point!

Now this is where the arts and crafts begins 😉 Why not start by creating yourself a ‘Cookie Jar’ of Dates – Noooo not with actual cookies!!

Things you will need:

*A Jar with a lid, a jar you really like, you can even decorate it!

* At least 5 4 sheets of A4 Paper. Colourful ones would be great but white sheets are also okay.

* Colouring pencils or crayons

* Scissors Lets get started!:


On the A4 sheet write a short sentence, paragraph or simple word that states or reminds you of something that you want to do or would love to do! Don’t worry about the cost at this point.. Continue to do this until you can’t think of anything else to write. The list will continue to grow over time so don’t worry if you can’t find a lot straight away.

Then, once you’ve done, cut the sentences/paragraphs/pictures out into individual strips and  then think about the time you’ll need to do each thing, e.g., a face mask and some quiet time might be *two hours*, visiting a special place might be *half a day*  etc.  Then think about the cost, is it something that is *free*, something that will cost say £5.00 or £50.00?

Now, at the back of the date cookie use a colour and/or write the time the date will take and the cost… e.g (blue dot = 1 hour date & I’ve written £3.00, as this will be the cost of the oats, honey and bananas for my face mask). Dates with yourself don’t have to be expensive, it’s simply about enjoying, loving and appreciating yourself! Just make it something that YOU want to do.

Great! now that that’s done! Simply fold the paper up, ensuring that the colour (date code) and cost is visible, and place your dates, or cookies, into your ‘cookie jar’ 😉

Then, whenever you find that you have a spare hour, day, weekend or even ten minutes! (yes, 10 minutes can be spent thinking about an achievement and remembering how you achieved it, how great you’ve done and how far you’ve come, or even spent doing a short bit of relaxation!)  Try to remember how you felt, what it looked like, the sounds, smells and the feelings in your tummy! Well that depends on what it is of course! Lol.  Just remember, you are amazing and you have done so much already!

The most important thing about the cookie jar of dates is that you do exactly what YOU want to do in honour of yourself; for YOU.

I hope you find this gift of the cookie jar as helpful and fun as it was for me discovering it from the great Christiane Sanderson. Thank you Christiane for your gift of ‘The Cookie Jar’ and I hope you don’t mind my adjustments 😉


Have a blessed and productive day,




Copyright © 2011 Novena-Chanel Davies. All Rights Reserved.