A Cookie Jar of our Accomplishments

We can write our achievements on a CV and tell family and friends, but how many of us actually sit with the feeling of our achievement, I mean really sit back and tell ourselves just how well we’ve done and how far we’ve come?

There’s a Caribbean saying… “Self praise is no praise” well how misunderstood and self-defeating is that? If you can’t see how well you’ve done and can’t appreciate yourself, why should anyone else? Why should your children appreciate their achievements and push to gain more?? Honour your experiences and be thankful!

Things you will need:

*A Jar with a lid, a jar you really like, you can even decorate it!

* At least 5 4 sheets of A4 Paper. Colourful ones would be great but white sheets are also okay.

* Colouring pencils or crayons * Scissors

Lets get started!:

On the A4 sheet write a short sentence, paragraph or simple word that states or reminds you of something that you have accomplished, achieved or done that you are proud of. It can be something like finishing school, getting your job, obtaining a degree or certificate, overcoming an event or situation.  just make it something that YOU feel proud of and good about.

Continue to do this until you can’t think of anything else to write. The list will continue to grow over time so don’t worry if you can’t find a lot straight away. We make daily accomplishments everyday just by living.. mine today is getting up earlier than usual and making it on time to see my beautiful Goddaughter’s face as she waved me off to go into school 😉 it reminded me of how loved and appreciated I am, and how far I’ve come from being that little girl at the school gate. You see, it can be the littlest of things!.

Then, once you’ve done, cut the sentences/paragraphs out into individual strips and roll the pieces of paper  around a pencil, so that it rolls up. Some people may prefer to simply fold the paper up, and that’s also okay.

Now… place the pieces of paper, your ‘cookies’  into your ‘cookie jar’ 😉

Then, whenever you forget how great you are, how far you’ve come, what you have already achieved and just how unique and amazing you are… Open your cookie jar and pull out a ‘cookie’, sit back and remember how great it felt to accomplish that cookie!

Try to remember how you felt, what it looked like, the sounds, smells and the feelings in your tummy! Well that depends on what it is of course! Lol. Just remember, you are amazing and you have done so much already!

Have fun!

Have a blessed and productive day, full of open doors,


Copyright © 2011 Novena-Chanel Davies. All Rights Reserved.