You are brainwashing yourself: The power of positive thinking


Self talk, or, the things you continuously tell yourself about yourself, the world, your expectations, and abilities, is a form of brainwashing.

This brainwashing becomes your ‘automatic thoughts’ – thoughts that you think automatically, without having to ponder or search for conclusions – for example, “he does not like me”, “I always fail”, “people don’t respect me” – and these automatic thoughts become your life story.

If these thoughts are continuously telling you that you are going to fail, you are not good enough, you are unlovable, or that life is too difficult, this becomes your life story. Yes, you have literally brainwashed yourself into making this happen. You begin to act out these expectations, and life gives you what you expect.

Brainwash yourself into expecting the best.

Brainwash yourself by thinking positively (or interrupting negative thoughts by challenging them with a positive thought instead).

Why not spend the next week brainwashing yourself into affirming something that works for you?

Find some audiobooks on YouTube and listen to them everyday as you eat breakfast, drive in the car, take the bus, or before bed.

Create or refresh your LifeBoard/GoalBoard/VisionBoard, and keep it somewhere that you can se it first thing in the morning and as the last thing at night – take a picture of it and print it out to take to work with you, use as a screen saver, and to put in the car. Leave ‘I AM’ statements written on notes all around the house, for example, “I AM Motivated” (along with some other ‘I AM statements), and increase your monthly savings and investment amounts (if money is your goal), so I have to make more income.

You are literally brainwashing yourself.

Think about it, what ways have you been previously brainwashing yourself, and are they supporting or hindering your growth? If you are naturally brainwashing yourself anyway, you might as well make sure it’s positive, right?

Start the work, today. Brainwash yourself, for yourself.

May you have a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations.

From Novena-Chanel

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Novena-Chanel, the Equilibrium Coach, is a Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Coach, Nutritional Advisor, Reiki Practitioner, and Writer.
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It is okay to say ‘No’.

It is okay to say ‘No’. It really is.

Your promises are a commitment you co-sign your soul to honour.

Think wisely before you offer yourself into soul contracts; not everyone needs your signature, and every task/commitment does not need your input.

Stop writing cheques that your time/energy/resources and mind can not cash.

Doing with a heavy heart is an insult to yourself and others, just say ‘No’. Those that truly respect you, will respect your ‘No’, and value when you next say ‘Yes’.

May you have a blessed and productive day ahead; one that exceeds all expectations, and allows you to peaceful speak your truth.

From Novena-Chanel
Copyright © 2015. Novena-Chanel Davies. All Rights Reserved.


Novena-Chanel Davies, the Equilibrium Coach, is a Vegan, Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Coach, Nutritional Advisor, Reiki Practitioner, Writer, and Director.

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You have the power to stop, turn around, and change direction

Staircase Directions Novena-Chanel


Today is going to be a good day! Why? Because I/we have the power to make it a good day.

Smile at any difficulties or stresses that the day may present; peacefully let go of the situations you can longer handle or change; and give praise and words of gratitude for the opportunities, blessings, and obstacles you have been given.

Just like the staircase, it always depends where you are stood, when deciding if it is going up or down.

. You decide.”

As I always say (my tag line)… May you have a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations.

– Novena-Chanel Davies

Psychotherapist/Counsellor I Coach I Nutritional Advisor I Director.

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Let’s Practice What We Preach/Teach




So many of us post amazing and inspiring posts on Facebook, Twitter and Social Networks, but how quickly do we forget those same words of wisdom when away from our screens, or in real life situations?

Let this week be the start of us truly practising the wisdom we post.

Have a blessed and productive week ahead guys; one that truly exceeds your expectations.


Are you living or merely existing?

Are you living or existing?

Are you truly living, or merely existing?

Those who merely exist may look like someone who lives from the outside… maybe even to themselves. They get up for work in the mornings; tend to self and/or the kids, go into the job they rarely enjoy… bills have to get paid, right? They talk to the friends they barely know; never feeling that anyone truly knows them, listening to others problems, while quietly treading the waters of their own.

They sometimes buy a new dress/shirt and feel a moment of pleasure… but that never lasts, then they are back to autopilot; going through their usual routines, hardly taking a moment to enjoy, reflect upon or think about what they are doing, or what they truly want.

To an untrained eye, their life may seem so simple; working, married, ‘happy’… whilst for them, their life has become a routine.

However, for those that live! They wake up with a bounce (ok, not everyday, but most days). They have a career that they enjoy (or a job that brings them joy). They understand that pleasure is temporary, and fill their lives with the people and things that bring them joy. They feel connected to others, the world and self; doing the things that are needed to grow as an individual, feeling, thinking about and living every moment (or at least day).

They go out to socialise. They take care of their health. They stimulate their mind. They continously work to develop their spirituality and general wellbeing. They bring joy to others through their words and/or actions.

Those who live have a vision, plan and goal, with passion(s) and joy. Those who exist have a bill to pay, shopping to get and yet another chore to meet; rarely stepping outside of the routine, rarely having something to look forward to day-to-day.

So tell me, do you truly live… or merely exist?

Make today the day that you begin truly living!



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Weekly Review; Lessons Learned


What did you discover about yourself this week?

What did you do well?

What will you do more/less of going forward?

What have you learned?

Reviewing our weeks is one of the most powerful and focusing things we can do. It aids our self awareness and refection; allows us to refocus and plan; gives us pointers and guidance, and works as a form of meditation; meditating/focusing on what we plan for the coming week/month/year.
This weekend has taught me that sometimes it takes walking on the other side to realise how much greener your grass grows…

I’m thankful for what I have and the selected few I hold close. Most of all, I’m so pleased with the decisions I made in the past. Never hold on to anything… things/people leave to make space for better things.

Feeling Blessed☺️

I hope the week ahead brings you all new lessons, blessings and joy.

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The Joys of Dating Yourself

The Joys of Dating Yourself.
When we begin dating someone, we jump at the chance to meet them, make the time to see them, smile when we think of them, dress up when we meet them, drive miles just to see them, run up bills just hear their voice, and start going back to the gym… just to impress them. Well… some of us do anyway 😉 Some even give up smoking and drinking. If only we could do this much for ourselves.
Today, treat yourself as if you were the object of your own affection; the man/woman you have admired from afar, and now finally have a chance to date!
How would you talk to them?
What would you feed them?
If they were coming to your home, what would you tidy, throw out or change?
How would you end the date/night?
Learn the joys of dating yourself, you are your most precious date.
Have a blessed and productive day ahead; one that exceeds your expectations.
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‎- “Life has no remote control. Get up and change it yourself!”

remote control


Isn’t that the truth! Let today be the day that you begin doing some searching and retuning, before changing a few channels.


You see, we sometimes become armchair activists to our own lives, talking about what we should, could, and would do, without actually doing a thing.


How many times have you spoke about what you should, could or would be doing this week?  How have any of the thoughts materialized? Or, are you still sat waiting for someone else to use the remote?



Let today be the day that you become the activist to your life and plans – No one else can do it for you with the passion, love and drive that you can do it for yourself.


However it is spent, make sure YOU are the one changing the channels and paving a path towards the elevation and improvement of your wellbeing and life.


Life has no remote control… you have to get up and change it for yourself.


Have a beautiful, blessed and productive weekend ahead.




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Get out of bed

A kick start from the lovely guys at Innerspace this morning…

Get Up!
“When the alarm goes off in the morning, do you drag yourself out of bed, jump out of bed or hit snooze, again, and again, oversleep and then end up rushing around because you’re late?
How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of your day!
Here are a few tricks to get out of bed and stay out:
– Place your alarm out of reach, so you have to get up to turn
  it off.
– Do a few stretches in bed, to energise you to get out of bed.
– Put a glass of water near your bed and drink it as soon as you
  switch off the alarm.  It hydrates and wakes your body up.
– Make your bed when you get out of it, so it discourages you
  from climbing back in.”
It is as if they were in my home this morning 😉 So lets get up and make this day memorable
May the day ahead exceed your expectations, and open a new door.