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Category Archives: Self Care

“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” – Dodinsky

“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” – Dodinsky We can never fully care for someone else, to the best of our abilities, if we do not care for ourselves first. We are our own example of care; the way you treat yourself, is the example you set for others about how they […]

It is okay to say ‘No’.

It is okay to say ‘No’. It really is. Your promises are a commitment you co-sign your soul to honour. Think wisely before you offer yourself into soul contracts; not everyone needs your signature, and every task/commitment does not need your input. Stop writing cheques that your time/energy/resources and mind can not cash. Doing with […]

Let’s Practice What We Preach/Teach

    So many of us post amazing and inspiring posts on Facebook, Twitter and Social Networks, but how quickly do we forget those same words of wisdom when away from our screens, or in real life situations? Let this week be the start of us truly practising the wisdom we post. Have a blessed […]

Turn your obstacles into your tools.

Yesterday I heard a man speak of how he plans to turn his obstacles into his tools. Beautiful! Let us all begin seeing our obstacles as the tools we need to build our futures. Have a productive day ahead. Novena-Chanel

The Joys of Dating Yourself

The Joys of Dating Yourself. When we begin dating someone, we jump at the chance to meet them, make the time to see them, smile when we think of them, dress up when we meet them, drive miles just to see them, run up bills just hear their voice, and start going back to the […]

Truly Valuing Ourselves… it’s time to rebalance Life’s Cheque Book

When you truly begin to value yourself; your person, time, energy, space and life, you no longer entertain the circumstances, things and people who undervalue it. Balance your life’s cheque book and start minimising losses; increasing profit. May today be the day that your value increases. Have a blessed and productive day guys; one that […]