Let’s Practice What We Preach/Teach




So many of us post amazing and inspiring posts on Facebook, Twitter and Social Networks, but how quickly do we forget those same words of wisdom when away from our screens, or in real life situations?

Let this week be the start of us truly practising the wisdom we post.

Have a blessed and productive week ahead guys; one that truly exceeds your expectations.


Wisdom and Ignorance

Wisdom: A willingness to learn with the humility and openness to be taught.

The wise know how little they know and seek growth.

The ignorant, ignore. They ignore the knowledge of others; the opportunites situations offer, and their very own needs for personal growth.

The wise listen, reflect, question, reason and learn. They grow in the knowledge that they are still growing, with the excitement in understanding that being a teacher means first being a student.

The Teacher was once a Student, and that Teacher will always be the student of life.


The ignorant hold fragile egos that need to be protected at all costs; defending against anything that threatens their knowledge, position or sense of self.

They speak over the Teachers (we may have seen them at play on courses or in workshops; those who practically want to run the course); they use the knowledge they do hold to attempt to belittle and berate others; they struggle with authority figures, and can not psychologically take being ‘called out’ or corrected.

What one do you reflect at home, work, play and in relationships?

Today, be full of wisdom…

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