You have a choice…

Everyone has a choice, in every situation.

We have the choice to act, to not act, or to relinquish our choices all together.

Whether we relinquish or own our choices, we have made a choice and exercised our right.

You have a choice…

Today, walk forward owning your choices; whether for action or inaction… you have a right.

Novena-Chanel Davies.

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The Recipe for Successful People

The Recipe for Successful People

1 cup of dreams
2 cups of faith
2 cups of excitement
2 cups of planning
1 litre of determination
1 litre of motivation
1 cup of support from others
2 pinches of humour
1 mixing bowl/business plan
1 journal

In a journal, map the steps you need to reach your goals; note the obstacles and how you overcame/will overcome them, resources needed, contacts made and the vision you have.

Mix all of the ingredients well, being sure not to miss anything out! However, like the Master Chef you are, feel free to increase the amounts and add your own special spices and ingredients to add that extra special taste!

Once everything is set, put the mixing bowl into the oven and allow it to cook.

Let today be the day you begin creating your own Success Recipe.

Copyright © 2013 Novena-Chanel Davies. All Rights Reserved

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