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Monthly Archives: November 2013

You have a choice…

Everyone has a choice, in every situation. We have the choice to act, to not act, or to relinquish our choices all together. Whether we relinquish or own our choices, we have made a choice and exercised our right. You have a choice… Today, walk forward owning your choices; whether for action or inaction… you […]

The Recipe for Successful People

The Recipe for Successful People Ingredients: 1 cup of dreams 2 cups of faith 2 cups of excitement 2 cups of planning 1 litre of determination 1 litre of motivation 1 cup of support from others 2 pinches of humour 1 mixing bowl/business plan 1 journal In a journal, map the steps you need to […]

I Like and Love Me!

SAY IT WITH ME… “I LIKE AND LOVE ME” Have a safe, blessed and productive week ahead; one that exceeds your expectations. Novena-Chanel