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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Turn your obstacles into your tools.

Yesterday I heard a man speak of how he plans to turn his obstacles into his tools. Beautiful! Let us all begin seeing our obstacles as the tools we need to build our futures. Have a productive day ahead. Novena-Chanel

Happiness starts within

When picking a mate, go for the person who is already happy with what they have now… if you can not find happiness within, within your own life and circumstances, you will never find true happiness outside, not even in another person. Today, allow yourself to see the blessings in your lessons, the joys in […]

Learning to reconnect with ourselves; trusting ourselves.

There is a saying that those who seek advice from others already know the answer, but just do not want to accept it. Do you find yourself continuously turning to others for advice; For some form of validation or reassurance; Only to be told what you already know, deep down inside. You see, you already […]

Are you living or merely existing?

Are you living or existing? Are you truly living, or merely existing? Those who merely exist may look like someone who lives from the outside… maybe even to themselves. They get up for work in the mornings; tend to self and/or the kids, go into the job they rarely enjoy… bills have to get paid, […]