Weekly Review; Lessons Learned


What did you discover about yourself this week?

What did you do well?

What will you do more/less of going forward?

What have you learned?

Reviewing our weeks is one of the most powerful and focusing things we can do. It aids our self awareness and refection; allows us to refocus and plan; gives us pointers and guidance, and works as a form of meditation; meditating/focusing on what we plan for the coming week/month/year.
This weekend has taught me that sometimes it takes walking on the other side to realise how much greener your grass grows…

I’m thankful for what I have and the selected few I hold close. Most of all, I’m so pleased with the decisions I made in the past. Never hold on to anything… things/people leave to make space for better things.

Feeling Blessed☺️

I hope the week ahead brings you all new lessons, blessings and joy.

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The Joys of Dating Yourself

The Joys of Dating Yourself.
When we begin dating someone, we jump at the chance to meet them, make the time to see them, smile when we think of them, dress up when we meet them, drive miles just to see them, run up bills just hear their voice, and start going back to the gym… just to impress them. Well… some of us do anyway 😉 Some even give up smoking and drinking. If only we could do this much for ourselves.
Today, treat yourself as if you were the object of your own affection; the man/woman you have admired from afar, and now finally have a chance to date!
How would you talk to them?
What would you feed them?
If they were coming to your home, what would you tidy, throw out or change?
How would you end the date/night?
Learn the joys of dating yourself, you are your most precious date.
Have a blessed and productive day ahead; one that exceeds your expectations.
Copyright © 2013. Novena-Chanel Davies. All Rights Reserved.

Do not allow your burdens to outweigh your blessings


Do not allow your burdens to outweigh your blessings.

We all have things that we want to change; situations, people, circumstances, and maybe even ourselves.
But do not allow the burdens of ‘wanting’ to get in the way of ‘accepting’ and ‘appreciating’ what you already have working for you.
Be it a job, a cute smile, a quick mind or a kind heart, these are things that you can be thankful for, in this moment. You are already blessed and hold the tools to attract more blessings, when you truly accept and appreciate the ones you already have.
So, do not allow your burdens to stop you from counting your blessings. We all have them.
Have a blessed and productive day ahead. A day that truly exceeds your expectations.
Copyright © 2013. Novena-Chanel Davies. All Rights Reserved.

Do not allow the projections of others to become your own.

“Do not allow the projections of others to become your own. That is their cross to bare.” – Novena-Chanel Davies.
Do you find that even though you have grown, evolved and changed, others opinions refuse to grow and evolve with you? Instead clinging for dear life to the image, conversations and beliefs they once held?
Sometimes people need to put you into a box… a box with out of date labels, rips and tears, no longer serving its purpose.
You are…
The one that hurt me
The angry one
The ‘pretty one’
The rude one
You always do…
You make me feel…
This is their need. This is their way of understanding their reactions, inactions and interactions with you and even themselves.
Do not allow them to undo the work you have done on yourself. We are all on a journey at different stages, paths and crossroads.
So when someone pigeon holes you, constantly reminds you of the person you once was, or tells you a list of the things you have done in the past, overstand that this is coming from their own place of need, hurt or understanding.
As I am sure you have heard before… when someone keeps reminding you of your past, it is merely because they are unable to acknowledge, see or accept who you are in the present.
Do not let the projections of others become your own.
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‎- “Life has no remote control. Get up and change it yourself!”

remote control


Isn’t that the truth! Let today be the day that you begin doing some searching and retuning, before changing a few channels.


You see, we sometimes become armchair activists to our own lives, talking about what we should, could, and would do, without actually doing a thing.


How many times have you spoke about what you should, could or would be doing this week?  How have any of the thoughts materialized? Or, are you still sat waiting for someone else to use the remote?



Let today be the day that you become the activist to your life and plans – No one else can do it for you with the passion, love and drive that you can do it for yourself.


However it is spent, make sure YOU are the one changing the channels and paving a path towards the elevation and improvement of your wellbeing and life.


Life has no remote control… you have to get up and change it for yourself.


Have a beautiful, blessed and productive weekend ahead.




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Get out of bed

A kick start from the lovely guys at Innerspace this morning…

Get Up!
“When the alarm goes off in the morning, do you drag yourself out of bed, jump out of bed or hit snooze, again, and again, oversleep and then end up rushing around because you’re late?
How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of your day!
Here are a few tricks to get out of bed and stay out:
– Place your alarm out of reach, so you have to get up to turn
  it off.
– Do a few stretches in bed, to energise you to get out of bed.
– Put a glass of water near your bed and drink it as soon as you
  switch off the alarm.  It hydrates and wakes your body up.
– Make your bed when you get out of it, so it discourages you
  from climbing back in.”
It is as if they were in my home this morning 😉 So lets get up and make this day memorable
May the day ahead exceed your expectations, and open a new door.