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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Weekly Review; Lessons Learned

  What did you discover about yourself this week? What did you do well? What will you do more/less of going forward? What have you learned? Reviewing our weeks is one of the most powerful and focusing things we can do. It aids our self awareness and refection; allows us to refocus and plan; gives […]

The Joys of Dating Yourself

The Joys of Dating Yourself. When we begin dating someone, we jump at the chance to meet them, make the time to see them, smile when we think of them, dress up when we meet them, drive miles just to see them, run up bills just hear their voice, and start going back to the […]

Do not allow your burdens to outweigh your blessings

Do not allow your burdens to outweigh your blessings. We all have things that we want to change; situations, people, circumstances, and maybe even ourselves. But do not allow the burdens of ‘wanting’ to get in the way of ‘accepting’ and ‘appreciating’ what you already have working for you. Be it a job, a cute […]

Do not allow the projections of others to become your own.

“Do not allow the projections of others to become your own. That is their cross to bare.” – Novena-Chanel Davies. Do you find that even though you have grown, evolved and changed, others opinions refuse to grow and evolve with you? Instead clinging for dear life to the image, conversations and beliefs they once held? […]

‎- “Life has no remote control. Get up and change it yourself!”

  Isn’t that the truth! Let today be the day that you begin doing some searching and retuning, before changing a few channels.   You see, we sometimes become armchair activists to our own lives, talking about what we should, could, and would do, without actually doing a thing.   How many times have you […]

Get out of bed

A kick start from the lovely guys at Innerspace this morning… Get Up! “When the alarm goes off in the morning, do you drag yourself out of bed, jump out of bed or hit snooze, again, and again, oversleep and then end up rushing around because you’re late? How you start the day sets the […]