You were born the winning type

You were born the winning type
You have achieved more than you think! You out swam all the others and made it to the egg; you survived, thrived, and now you are here today… perfect in every way. You were born the winning type.
Look at all of the things you have faced, survived and/or achieved… an exam result; overcoming a life test; surviving a relationship; getting that job… You had no option but to keep going, because YOU ARE the winning type.
You have come out the other end with experience and knowledge. Why? Because you are the winning type… whatever it is, whatever it was, you can face it and come out a winner.
I was born a winner, you were born a winner, we are the winning type!
Let today be the day that you reaffirm to yourself and the world… “I was born the winning type”
Enjoy your day and don’t let anyone (not even yourself) tell you, you can’t… because you can.
Why? (say it with me) …”because I was born the winning type”.
May the day ahead exceed your expectations.
Novena-Chanel Davies
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From Innerspace; Climb Your Own Everest

Thought of the Day from Innerspace
Climb Your Own Everest
You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest, or ride a hot air balloon in Myanmar to live fully.  Simply challenge yourself not to avoid anything or anyone that comes your way; & your Everests will come to you!
What are your Everests?  A difficult project, the laundry, a 20 minute run….  Recognise & face your challenges, even if they’re only in your own mind.  Then work out what you need to do to climb that mountain.
And when you conquer your Everests, you’ll know that you’ve lived fully, because there’s nothing more exhilarating than reaching the summit!
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Transform ‘knowing of’ to actually ‘knowing’

How many people do you know that keep on ‘telling you’ how long they ‘think’ they have known you for?

You know, the person you attended school, college, football or dance with… like 20 something years ago.
You briefly kept in contact; the odd chance meeting on the street, the exchanging of numbers; the random texts every couple of years… the most recent Facebook pokes lol and status updates… Yet they seem to think they ‘know’ you.
Yesterday, a well known radio DJ who I ‘knew’ from Play Centre, said he has known me for about 28 years… The fact of the matter is,
he has ‘known of me’ for XX years, he does not know me, in the here and now.
People, we need to stop signing virtual references for people that we knew, but do not actually know, now.
What is that persons hobbies?
Where do they live?
When last did you use the toilet in their home?
How would they react to disrespect (now, not in the past when you were in school)?
What is their life plan?
What is their parents/siblings/children/partner’s names?
Where do they work and what is their job title?
If the above is difficult to answer, you don’t ‘know’ them, you know of them.
Something to think about, right?
Get to know those who you think you know.
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No question is too small; we have to ask the questions to get the answers

Ask the questions you need answers for, don’t ever feel ashamed or afraid of seeking knowledge!

Today I read the following…

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. But is there really such a thing as a stupid question if you don’t know the answer? The answer to that is NO! Don’t let anyone make you feel small or unworthy simply because you don’t have all the answers. You have every right to ask a lot of questions, and it is the smart thing to do. While others are being self-conscious about appearing uninformed, you will be racing ahead toward your goal. Ask all the questions you want, and feel confident.

On the money I’d say . You have to ask the questions to get the answers.

Truly Valuing Ourselves… it’s time to rebalance Life’s Cheque Book

When you truly begin to value yourself; your person, time, energy, space and life, you no longer entertain the circumstances, things and people who undervalue it.
Balance your life’s cheque book and start minimising losses; increasing profit.
May today be the day that your value increases.
Have a blessed and productive day guys; one that exceeds your expectations.
Copyright © 2013. All Rights Reserved. Novena-Chanel Davies.